Cleft Chestnut Paling at Dunshane Nursery

At Dunshane Nursery we are proud to sell chestnut fencing which is a beautiful product made by Solecon Sales Ltd. Chestnut fencing is used in private and public gardens, estates and public parks. Being a natural product, chestnut fencing looks good in every situation and improves with weathering and the passage of time. It provides a strong durable aesthetically pleasing fence with a life of up to 20 years or more. Unlike some other products, the fencing is made from sustainable natural resources from coppiced plantations grown on marginal land. In addition to its many other qualities, it is thus also environmentally friendly.


Prices ( Incl vat) Dec 2015

  • 90cm (3 ft.) high 10m.   €80.00
  • 1.2m (4 ft) high  5m.      €60.00
  • 150cm (5 ft.) high 5M.   €75.00
  • Tanalised 5' posts           €3.00
  • Chestnut Posts               €5.00

Delivery not included.

Phone: John 045 483633


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